Routine EEG & Video Ambulatory EEG

Brain Sketch

Routine EEG   (Electroencephalogram)

Your doctor may request a routine EEG to better understand episodes of confusion, inattention, or seizure disorders. 


At Selkirk Neurology, our trained technologists will review your medical history and meet with you to explain the test and answer questions you may have. They administer your EEG testing in clinic, which includes attaching painless electrodes to the scalp to measure your brain's response to specific stimuli.

Your neurologist will use the results from this procedure to aid in the diagnosis of your medical condition.

Video Ambulatory EEG

If your doctor needs more information about causes of seizures, confusion or inattention, they may order a video ambulatory EEG.


For this procedure, our technologist will attach the electrodes to your scalp and cover them with a protective wrapping. You will be sent home with a small back-pack size recorder to capture your brain's electrical activity over a 2-3 day period and a video camera to capture any active episodes.


Your neurologist will use the results from this testing, along with the video to aid in the diagnosis of your medical condition.

At Selkirk Neurology, our skilled technologists are available to answer any questions you may have regarding this test. For more information contact us our office at 509-473-0885 or email us at   Subject: EEG

A referring provider or healthcare facility will submit a testing order with consult to our offices for review. We also process insurance verification and any prior authorizations needed


You will be contacted by our staff to schedule a 2 hour clinic visit to conduct the EEG test or place your Ambulatory leads

*Ambulatory patients will also schedule a 30 minute follow-up to remove testing leads. Patients will be educated regarding their test by our technologist and can contact them during this time with questions if issues arise


Important information and patient forms will follow in the mail with your appointment schedule


Please bring these and insurance card to your appointment


Our technologists are available to answer questions you may have about your upcoming test

Call us at 509-473-0885


Arrive 15 min early on your scheduled testing day and please bring any patient paperwork, your insurance cards and a photo ID.


Results are submitted to your referring provider for follow-up and to address any further care