Electromyography / Nerve Conduction Study

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Your doctor may order EMG and nerve testing to secure further evidence for diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves, peripheral neuropathy and other nerve disorders.

At Selkirk Neurology, you will be scheduled for this test and cared for in clinic by our qualified staff of technologists and a neurology provider.

This is a two part test.

The first part of the test involves our technologist using small electrical charges to stimulate your nerve and measure its' health. Your assigned neurologist will then insert a small needle just underneath the skin to "listen" to nerve and muscle communication.

Test results are provided directly to the referring provider. They will follow-up with you and address any questions regarding your test and future care.

Please dress accordingly for access to your arms and legs as testing requires. Gowns are available.

For more information about this test or your upcoming appointment contact us at 509-473-0885

or email info@selkirkneurology.com  Subject: EMG


A referring provider or healthcare facility will submit a testing order to our offices for internal review, insurance verification and prior authorization if needed


You will be contacted to schedule a 60 minute visit to conduct the test and informed of any out of pocket costs that will need to be collected on day of your test

Important information and patient forms will follow in the mail


Please bring all paperwork, your insurance cards and photo ID to your appointment


Our technologists are available to answer questions you may have about your upcoming test

Call us at 509-473-0885


Arrive 15 min prior to your appointment at Selkirk Clinic on testing day with your patient paperwork, your insurance cards and a photo ID to complete the check-in process.

Test times are approximate as diagnostic testing takes place all day and patient needs may vary


Your testing is complete and will be sent to your referring Provider.

Please follow-up with their office to discuss your test results and subsequent care plan